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Our Vision

MYOSOTIS BRIDAL was founded in 2007 in Riga and has grown to become a highly recognized service with a devoted clientele.

The main principle of selecting wedding gowns for the ‘treasure chest’ of the Myosotis gallery is a unique approach to the search for bridal wear.

We do not search for the best of the best or the crème de la crème, instead we find really unique wedding gowns that meet the requirements of the most sophisticated taste. Each and every one has their unique character and elements of comprehensiveness while remaining composed and classical. We devote special attention to the details that make a dress a real work of art.

The collection of wedding gowns in the Myosotis gallery is a play of white and cream palettes, matte and glossy textures, a mixture of noble fabrics and exquisite details, all of which come together to create unforgettable images.

By attending shows and exhibitions of the best representatives of wedding fashion, we create a unique range of wear, from which every bride can find a dress that matches her unique style and character.


Just flip through our lookbook and you will see for yourself that no other gallery can provide such a selection. That is why we call Myosotis, this magical place at 103 Krišjaņa Valdemāra street, a treasure chest.


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